Be feel stuck trying to get your body, mind and life to the next level!

When was the last time you felt amazing, awake, alive, mentally alert, physically strong, lean and ready to conquer the world?  That is what Primal Life is all about.  

I am wondering...

  • Has your hope bottomed out that you will ever win the war on weight?

  • Is your stress needle in the red zone?

  • Are you trying to change your body composition and % body fat and get a lean, ripped you?

  • Are you convinced you can go to the next level of health and physical performance but aren't sure which switches to flip?

  • Are you looking for sustained energy all day so you can perform well?

  • Do you find yourself sucked into infomercials, magic perfect-body pills, or the weight loss section in Barnes and Noble? 

  • Are you exhausted trying the latest fad diet, hoping it will finally deliver the body you are looking for?

  • Do you have a negative self-story around your relationship to food?

  • Are you trying to do better in the gym, on your mountain bike, or in the next road race you want to conquer?

  • Are you an emotional eater? Eating to fill a void or when you are stressed, or bored?

  • Do you feel sluggish, have brain fog, or hit an afternoon slump?

  • Overwhelmed at the thought of more calorie counting, point counting, monthly meeting plans to put it all together?

  • Secretly wondering whether or not you really deserve the fit, healthy body you envy others for having?

  • Are you confused about all the competing talk of high fat, low fat, high carb, no carb, gluten free, dairy, no dairy?

This is why you feel stuck and confused


You have never been trained in how the body works! That is the simple truth. You have never been trained to know what your body does with the fuel you put into it; what is burns and what it stores, what is really healthy and what is toxic! It is NOT YOUR FAULT! There are thousands of books, an avalanche of commercials, and an overwhelming amount of information.  So you have tried this, dabbled in that but to no avail!  Here is the thing, lots of that information is faddish and unfounded even if it is mainstream assumption. 

Now is the time to stop the lamenting and start learning.

Give up on the hit and miss approach and take your life, health and body fitness into your own hands and learn how YOUR mind/body works! Believe me when I say that dabbling in the next fad is not going to help you.  Understanding how your body has evolved and why and how it processes different types of food and macro nutrients. This is the way forward. 

Now is the time for you to invest in your healthy future!

Now is the time for a proven way to increase your athletic performance and get your weight on track!

I'll help you find vibrant health and your fit body 


I believe that when you implement the principles of Primal Life from Wildly Better, you will optimize your health, feel the best you have felt in years and once and for all get that leaner healthy body you have so desired and deserve! 

And whether you are trying to optimize athletic performance or trying to win the weight war once and for all, this is for you!

This is where the learning journey begins.  This is where you will actually make moves that matter. This is where yo-yo gains and losses stop. This is where guess work ends and fad diet experiments cease! 

You will understand how your body works, what food, exercise, stress, sleep and sun do to it and will be able to make intelligent and informed decisions that optimize your genetic expression. 

Your self-story on the inside will begin to change as you see visual results from being proactive.  You will notice a new mental clarity (directly as a result of eliminating certain things from your diet)! The energy you will experience will make you wonder how you had been surviving with such a low fuel tank.

Armed with new understandings and becoming proactive, you will feel empowered and the latent badass you are will start to re-emerge.

You are going find that as you more mindfully eat that your relationship to food changes, and that you can be 100% in control of your choices.  

You are going to see a new body and and a new "you" emerge, vibrant, alive, and energetic.  You will not only not need to hide your body in how you dress but you will pass the real litmus test... you are happy with what you see as you stand naked in front of a mirror!  

Your mindset, your body, your energy and your life will change.

Here is what you will learn


  • To let go of guilt because your body is storing fat and that it is NOT your fault.
  • How to switch from being a carb/sugar burner to becoming an effortless fat burning machine.
  • How to burn fat by optimizing your sleep patterns and decreasing your stress. Most people have no idea how huge this is!
  • Why slow movement is key to losing body fat and optimizing your gene expression  
  • What workouts should look like all the while remembering you can't out work a bad diet 
  • Exactly what you can eat to rewire your cravings and never feel hunger...and no points or calories to count!
  • What to do about snacks, we all love em, and how to hack your snack attacks.  And I won't suggest munching on "tasty" celery, promise!
  • How to travel worldwide and know and find primal choices in any cuisine!

Meet Ron

I am Ron Martoia and I am a Certified Primal Health Coach helping people change their minds and bodies and become the best version of themselves possible!  While I have been an executive developmental coach for over a dozen years, I truthfully stumbled upon Primal a few years ago.  It was so revolutionary for me and for a few of my family members I began sharing details with those in my coaching practice who wanted to get the "health thing" under control. When they began having success, that is when I knew I needed to study this more (hence certification) and to proactively offer this to people.  

I realize that there is a ton of information out there on diets, workouts, with conflicting stories about what does and doesn't work.  I want to be your research assistant and filter.  I want to take research based data, distill it and give you the working, understandable and most importantly, actionable steps that can transform your life. 

This is why I created the WildlyBetter ecosystem and Primal Life as one of our foundational master classes.  I want to help you put it all together so you can feel, think and look amazing!  

Your time is now!  

Now is the time to invest in your health, your future, the future of your family.

Now is your time!

For years I was beyond discouraged and full of self doubt due to health and unmovable weight gain. I reached out to Ron to see if he could give me some tools. SO GLAD I DID. After a few short weeks of learning to become Wildly Better the Primal way, I’m finding my hypoglycemia is improving, my sleep is improving, my confidence is starting to build...AND the scale is moving for the first time in a long time! Hope is being renewed and I’m so excited where this journey can take me!

Donna Peyton-ONeil

What is in the Course


  • The biggest thing is the distilled research based knowledge you need to become proactive with your health
  • Specifically you will learn about the origins of Primal (and why so many people are finding long term success with it)
  • The 8 Key Concepts of Primal
  • The 5 Action Items for becoming Primal
  • The Fitness & Food Pyramid that will form the foundation of your transformation
  • What macro nutrients are, how our body handles them, and what happens to us when we put them in
  • The interrelationships of stress, sun, sleep and food and how they form the backbone of optimizing your genetic expression 


How Does It Work?


100% Online Course - Through Facebook Live - we will be doing six 40 minute weekly sessions to communicate content. Starting on Wednesday Jan 25th and running 6 consecutive weeks. 

Unlimited Replays - Facebook Live allows all that want the live experience with Q&A to participate at the live sessions but also allows everyone to listen to the archived FB Live feed anytime they want and multiple times if they choose.  This is a best of both worlds scenario.  If you can't participate in a session, you can listen later and you can post questions at any time for future answering.

Private Facebook Group - You will be invited to a private group giving you the option to hear and share questions, progress and stories with others on the same journey.

6 Weeks of Content and 4 additional weeks of Office Hours Support for a total of 10 weeks. We have structured it this way because we want to get the material out to you as soon as possible, but need to do it in a orderly and easy to use way.  We also want to be around in the tribe together long enough to see results.  There is no doubt you will feel results in the first 7-10 days.  But I want to help you through the first couple months of this journey.

Office Hours to Access to Ron - There will be weekly "office hours" to ask Ron questions about the primal journey.  These will happen during the 6 weeks of content delivery,  but they will continue to happen for an addition 4 weeks afterward also in FB Live format.


So are you ready to invest in your future health?

Not all people will take this step! Many will continue the conversation in their heads about what to do.  

Don't let that be you! Stop thinking about what do to and act on something to help you change!

Are you ready to get unstuck? 


I had my annual physical with my Dr. He couldn’t believe the change in me. 12 months earlier he told me that he would ideally like me to lose 55 lbs. So I sought out Ron to help me go Primal. In less than one year of being primal, I have lost that 55 lbs and a little more. I am stronger than I have ever been, am off my statin medication and did a 5k race this weekend. The best thing is I can’t believe how good I feel.

Let Ron help you go Primal, it will change your life!

Bill Crosby 65 years old